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"For all you fitness fans out there, Yesim’s classes are 5 star!  I’ve been working out to her fabulous “YesIMFit” classes for several years. She takes time and energy to explain each complex movement like a pro, by offering moderate to more high impact directions. The exercises move smoothly with the tunes, and before the hour is over I’ve done a 100 walking modified burpees! The classes just fly by!  TRX is the best part of the week! Working girls get buff!" - Jane  

"I love the TRX! With Yesim! Yesim gives very clear explanations to keep our form correct. TRX builds strength very quickly. Yesim’s enthusiasm is contagious!"  - Phyllis


"I have been working out with Yesim for over 8 years. I find each of her classes to be challenging. Yesim has made me love to work out. I am much stronger than I have ever been, and I feel great!"  - Cynthia

"Yesim is a fantastic trainer. She gears the training to each person (I’m 73), yet challenges and encourages you to go beyond what you think you can do. She’s a friend, flexible, well organized and ready to adjust each routine to fit your individual needs and abilities. I feel stronger, more fit, and able to do all the activities I like—hiking, pickleball, snowshoeing, etc. She keeps me young!"    - Pat

"Yesim takes the time to learn about your past workout history, your strengths and more importantly, your weaknesses, when it comes to getting fit. She is passionate about good health, good results and helping her clients see and appreciate their own progress. Yesim will encourage you and doesn't allow you to slack off, she gently, but firmly, pushes you to finish your sets and the workout she has designed for you for that day. My husband and I have been working out with her for 7 months and have seen great results from our workouts, which prompted us to really change our eating habits and turn to a much more healthy lifestyle in general."    - Christine and Ben


"YesIMFit is truly an all-around fantastic workout. Yesim always keeps these diverse, challenging (even with modifications), and fun. The FitFan group is a great group of personable, health-conscious people. Every class is a treat, physically and emotionally!" - Deniz

"Yesim is THE BEST! She’s motivating, kind, genuine and in STELLAR SHAPE! I love Yesim’s classes and attend every chance I get!"   - Carly

"I love Yesim’s TRX classes! She is very professional and approachable. She is great at modifying parts of the class for people with particular physical limitations. Her classes are always well planned out and run smoothly, and you feel like you’ve had a good workout when done."  - Michelle

"I love that YesIMFit classes are so convenient to be able to do them from home, originally out of necessity because of COVID, but it's become a great community and something that I look forward to every day. As long as Yesim offers online classes, I don't see myself going back into the gym. Classes are as challenging as you make them - You can always push yourself and make things more challenging. I always feel like I get a good workout, and I really like the variety from class to class. I've managed NOT to gain the COVID 15 and have stayed in optimal shape for the last year and a half thanks to YesIMFit!"  - Abby


"YesIMFit classes are so fun and you never know what she's going to come up with as far as the music or workouts. It's never boring and always challenging. Yesim is approachable yet sincere about everyone doing what they can but still pushing us and motivating us. She always helps us adjust if needed, to accommodate any muscle or joint issues we may be facing as we all age or in my case, hurt myself doing other sports. She incorporates other items like stretch bands or sliders to keep things interesting. Or she'll take us back to the 80s with music, a Madonna or Prince tribute, etc. - you seriously lose track of time and isn't that the point? I’ve been taking her classes for almost 10 years, I see dedication there and definition everywhere! That's never happened to me before and I know I'd never work my abs or arms (heck any body part!) as hard if I only worked out on my own." - M.K.

"I just love Yesim as my trainer and as a friend.  I have been working with Yesim as my trainer for over 3 years now.  I have had other trainers that can’t compare to Yesim.  She makes working out so enjoyable, no two workouts are the same. I have been working out ever since I was 18 and now at 65 years old am tired of it.  But Yesim, who knows my orthopedic limitations due to a multitude of surgeries, always knows what will be good for me!"  - Gail

"I have been doing Yesim’s class for about 8 years. She always greets you with a smile and is personal and energetic. Her classes are a challenge to keep up with but she always demonstrates various ability options. When COVID hit, she immediately went online to serve her clients. She worked hard on getting her new schedule set up to accommodate as many clients as possible. In one hour you get an all over body workout with friends! We have all become a regular cohesive group that look forward to kicking butt for an hour together. I could never do what we do together, alone!"  - Cyndi


"Yesim and YesIMFit classes – what can I say? I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been and I have so much fun doing it. The classes are not easy but her personality helps you forget just how hard you’re working. She provides useful tips and a full explanation about every move, even if we’ve done them before. And when she introduces something new, she makes sure we’re all clear on it before we start. I know Yesim works hard to plan each and every class and training session to make sure we get the most from our time with her. I always look forward to the classes and even getting my butt kicked!" - Wendy

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